Monday, 21 November 2016

My Poetry

I have written a lot of poetry on my Twitter account - and other things that enter my mind -

My Twitter Page

culpabilité et décès

Short film about a guilty murderer trying to hide from his past - but as the years go by his sin catches up with him ...

NOTHING can escape invincible time.

ALL music written by me.

A film about guilt and gloom by SWW.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

A friend is a friend?

So I was following the low road home, and a good friend of mine cast me into a deep hole in the ground.
  I begged them, 'Please help me get up!' but they laughed and walked away.
  So there I remained, for an hour or so.  Then vast hands dragged me down, and I saw a terrible monster, huge in stature, great in power, hideous in malice.
  I was dragged through a great canyon of gloom, this journey lasted days, finally we stopped and then the monster held my head down in a pool of darkness, till I almost chocked.
  Then I was brought up and nailed to a charred tree - lightning struck me for three days.
  Then tiny creatures crawled into my flesh - a grasshopper made camp on my tongue, and whispered in my mouth - "fools be fools!"

Then a bird made a nest on my head, and plucked out pieces of my hair to keep the nest warm.
  "Let me live in your hair for two weeks,' said the bird to me.  'Let my hatch lings grow.  And when they are gone, I promise to give you my wings and my claws.  And then you can go forth and wreck vengeance.'
  So I waited two weeks - and with my wings finally grown I pulled myself out of the tree, and made my way into the skies, and looked down upon a world of scuttling beetles.
  And for sometime I swirled among the vapours, and when I spied my quarry I came down like a sheet of light, for I had seen the bold crown of my ageing foe - "Remember me?" I whispered in his ear.  "I will go easy on you - for my heart knows pain."
  And I struck out his eyes and when he stumbled he fell into the deep hole in the ground, and when he hit the bottom he broke his neck - and his suffering ended in one go.
  And I flew away, happy that I shown mercy to my lost friend of old, and then I found a tree and built a new kingdom there!
  The rest of the story is told in the leaves that decorated the floor last autumn....


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Trip to the Zoo

Today Martin the owl and his adopted son, Zog the talking mattress, pay a wonderful visit to the zoo and get to see caged people !!!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

So what is weirder ? What about a Dancing Bear ???!!!???

Welcome to TMR


Where we compare two crazy thing's

Starting with

A dancing bear!



I always wondered what that meant ...

Friday, 16 September 2016

I have made some new friends ...

I turned a corner, I was very close to my destination and didn't think anything about the shadowy figure that was following me.  "Not far to go!  Not far to go!"

Then I felt a strong hand grab my shoulder hold it tightly, cutting the circulation of the blood.

I fell to the ground.

When I awoke I was lying in a dark room.

A loud voice that came from all directions so as to fill the room completely said to me, "You do not know yourself, or your luck, or how happy you will be in the next few hours!"

"I...I   don't understand," said I.

Then I heard laughter.  The room reverbeerated with it.

The darkness grinned with it.

And then I felt a terrible chill.

"You have made some new friends..." said the voice, ominously alluding to something dark and terrible -

And then the lights turned on

and then I saw this -


Monday, 5 September 2016

Sir Woodwick - Dragon Slayer...

Follow the adventures of the clumsy knight, Sir Woodwick, as he sets out to slay a dragon, and ends up being stuck in a tree!!!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Creepy Watson Gets Squashed !!!

Watson, a very strange and creepy man, joins forces with Martin to try and solve a mysterious, riddling case ...

Friday, 19 August 2016

Martin the owl sells hard drugs on the sly !!!!

So here it is.  Part 3 of my new wacky, zany cartoon series.

Today, Martin, the talking Owl, gets into trouble with gangsters and the police... again...

Part 4 in the works

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Martin and the Chipmunks 2 Martin gets arrested !!!! (almost)

So it's here

Part 2 of my new wacky cartoon series that follows the adventures of a weird talking owl and his friends.

Today Martin manages to get the police riled up!  The idiot!

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Introducing Martin & the Chipmunks!! (New series)

Crazy cartoon show!  Martin the owl flies into a YouTube screen near you!  IN this episode Martin the owl tries to protect his home from a burglar...   with disastrous results...

Insane crazy wacky comic show!

Episode 2 is in the works

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Pits

What would you do if you found in your possession the clothes, passport, and credit card of one of the worlds most famous authors? What would you do if you had just found the abandoned mansion house of the said author - and everything that they had was now yours?

Maybe it would be nice to see what life was like for the other half?

I mean - what could go wrong? Nothing! What's the chance that the most famous author in the world could be part of a crazy cult - or have a whole string of enemies out for their blood? No way! That would be stupid.


Well, just ask Simian - this is his story... And what a tale he has to tell

THE PITS is a zany crazy trip into the mad world of Simian Farquah - full of incredible characters, stupid situations, and bizarre adventures in a world where pretty much anything can happen!

WARNING this book is full of craziness - so be prepared for anything..

 The Pits

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Through the Mirror

Through the Mirror

Is this a story about an very bad composer?  Is this a story about a failing TV personality - a drunk and a waster?
Or is it a story of madness and isolation?  Only the ending has the answers.
This is a short comedy movie about a crazy composer and his ailing Youtube Channel career.  A movie full of crazy characters and bizarre situations - and we have also thrown in a killer dustbin for good measure!!!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Along the River...

I am writing this to you now from my boat, as we sail along the River Neran.  I am presently being pursued by the two headed, three footed, eight eyed, four tailed, multi dexterous Feline Wooka Monkey - one of the indigenous species of mutated Catlines of the Land Beragany...

I have been on the run for weeks. 

I found this boat by luck - I thought maybe I could sail away - put all the horror of this land behind me.

But nay...

the Beast gains on me.

Daily it draws closer.

I do not know what to do. 

Last night I saw its many green eyes gleaming in the gloom. 

The other day it wrote a message in the sand - I will get you by Friday.

Those words are now in my mind -

"I will get you by Friday"


So now I know the number of my days.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Ever heard of the Septic Dance?

So my friend said to me:

'Ever heard of the Septic Dance?'

  I said 'No' because of course I never had and I asked what it was about.
  'The Septic dance!!!  It is the thing everyone is into these days!'
  'Truly?  Now that is fascinating!  How does it go?'

And then my friend showed me this....

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Odd Composer Returns !!!

He's back...   with more songs to play...   Now's a good time to grab yourself a pair of earplugs...

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Odd Composer arises

This is a video about a madman who thinks he is a brilliant musician - but he is actually totally rubbish! -  and refuses to accept any criticism without an outburst!

Monday, 4 April 2016

The Game

Edward Mindcroft is trapped inside a computer game that exists within peoples minds and must find a way to escape!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


The Timeline Disaster aka Death Machine
This is a short amateur film I made because I like acting and making videos.
In a surreal world filled with bizarre characters a crazy scientist and his eccentric sidekick build a time machine -
After they use the machine to save the life of their friend who was killed in a  car accident they cause a rip in reality - now they have to think fast and act quickly if they want to put the time line straight again - I they fail then all reality will be destroyed.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Septic Pool

A poet in desperate search for inspiration decides to spend the weekend in an abandoned cottage so that he can complete his work in solitude.  Little does he know that his every move is being watched by a crazy serial killer.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Without Death Movie...

This is an amateur film that I made in my spare time - I really enjoy acting and love making videos and well the result was this - Without Death the movie.

Apart from the names of the characters it doesn't follow the story at all - as the movie progressed it became its own story.

It started like this -

I wanted to write a short story called Man with a Pale face - a murder mystery thriller about a masked killer - and you know...  I just couldn't write it.  I couldn't find the words.  My frustration boiled over and I just forgot about it.  The one night it struck me - it wouldn't work as a book - the idea won't stand up in literary form - BUT - maybe visually, as a video - yes that's it!  I will make a video of it and tell the story that way.

And so that's what I did. 

It started as a series of short scenes - nothing great.  The scenes I filmed didn't make sense, not by themselves.  I came close to ditching the idea when I thought this: "How about tying a narrative to it?"  Maybe then the picture would make sense?

So that's what I did.

How about we make a feature film?  Ambitious, I know, but something new and I took the task on with alacrity. 

It was a giant experiment.

I was going to call the feature, Without Death, taking the name from the book, of course.  I dug up the old characters, dusted them off, and reinvented them for the film.  Ivan, in the book, was a pensive, manipulative character - in the movie he is a psychotic dictator lunatic.  His assistant, Clyde, the young and ambitious scientist of the book was now an old, washed out Doctor praying for retirement. 

The theme of the book is there, "meddle with science and it might backfire!"  But I needed to make a new story to slice in "Man with Pale face." 

Without Death the movie was not so much a story of dark science going wrong - like the book it used for inspiration - but a story of isolation, leading to depression, leading to madness.  Each character in the movie represents a state of the human psyche. 

Pale face - who comes and goes throughout the picture - represents total madness.  The other characters represent the journey to that particular state.

Ivan is totally mad - he's "lost the plot" as it were.

But Clyde?  he's normal for now, but he might lose his way if he's not careful - he needs to get out, to escape, find a new life.  Nobody wants to end up like Pale face. 

And why the Pale face?

It's a metaphor. 

When you reach that horrid state you lose all humanity - you become an entity, a thing - you have no face...

So here's the film:

Remember it's amateur - not a lot of money, no, but a heck of a lot of passion!



Without Death - now with a new cover...

Same story but with a new better cover

Without Death

 Without Death

This is the dark story of Clyde Raytheon, an ambitious scientist unwittingly drawn into the depths of a forbidden science.

An amazing discovery has just been made! A serum concocted from the remains of a mysterious and still unrecorded animal which, when applied to the tissue of a random subject, has the ability to halt the ageing process in all living things and put an end to death altogether!

Armed with only a slight understanding of the fantastic properties of this mysterious serum, Clyde joins forces with his colleague - the mad scientist Ivan Gustav, and together they take refuge in the shadows of an abandoned hospital to try and complete the work. But their quest to accomplish this amazing goal ends disastrously…

Murdles Leer was a very quiet village before Ivan came. Now dull lights flicker from the laboratory windows of the abandoned hospital. People go missing for no reason. Graves are found dug up and empty. Now everyone knows to bolt their doors at sundown, and blank out the windows. The air is full of ghostly whispers, and ominous shadows stalk the hills at night. The dead are stirred and they want their revenge in blood…

Peter the Doll

The doll is back…

It has been thirty years since the children locked it away in the box and cast it out into the lake. The box sank down to the bottom taking with it its despicable cargo -

and there is should have ended.

But it has not...

The haunted doll called Peter has returned from the depths, and has scores to settle...

Peter the Doll

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Need I say anything else...

Video and music by me as part of the new Strange Tales collection.

Time to bring this blog back to life

So it's 2016 and I haven't written anything on here since 2012...   But I think its time to update this place, show some of the things I have been doing, and start writing up a few new tales.

I have been writing like crazy the last few years - quite a few of my books have appeared on amazon and when I get time I will create links to them.

I am also thinking about moving Strange Tales in a new direction - not just writing - but videos as well.  Still weird tales - but visual instead. 

More updates will follow. 

This is SWW logging out.