Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Alrax the Champion Quest for the Sacred Mop!!

Comedy medieval fantasy on a budget...

Alrax the slayer, a legendarily useless oaf of a knight sets off on a quest to wrest the control of a magical mop from an evil goblin.

On his journey across the land he meets a set of bizarre and ridiculous characters, including a giant dwarf and a madman terrified of his own pet cat.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Alrax the Slayer!!!

Been away from here for about a month because I have been busily working on my next project

Alrax the Slayer !!!

A comedy medieval fantasy movie - ready to watch soon!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Enemy of the mind...

Parapsychologist Rutger Heartly joins his friend William on an investigation of a haunted house - to discover that it isn't actually the house that is haunted - and something very dark and evil is following in his friends shadow.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Fi Nite Flo

This video is both a poem and a song - let me introduce you to Fi Nite Flo ...

Here are the words to the poem:

When you start out you see your ideas through a bright pure flame - its all wonder and light - the fire warms you
& you think "this is all wonderful...

But then you get older and the fire dies down and things happen - there are storms, plenty of bad weather, and the flame goes out

all that's left are embers... streams of smoke going nowhere...

everything you write, its all written under a waxing moon

and before you know it you are that lonely hill the moon sinks behind... 

and then its all over
no more spark
no more happy ideas sailing on a breeze
just a dull sky full of clouds  

and a cold breeze singing a thought in the valleys...

as dead as stone

with no dreams.

Dreams are haze in the wind

And I am too deep beneath the ground to care...

Saturday, 19 August 2017

I am hunting Dr Vile...

The Strange Tales series continues...

Parapsychologist Rutger Heartly is on a quest to find and destroy his worst enemy - the despicable Dr Vile.

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Time I met The Leadon Valley Water Beast

In this episode of Strange Tales Rutger Heartly relates his frightening encounter with the thing -

The Leadon Valley River Crawler!

The Time I saw the Beast of Hartpury

Famed Parapsychologist, Rutger Heartly, is the new host of Strange Tales - today we hear about the Hartpury Beast...

"We all heard stories about the Hartpruy beast as children, and one of my friends had seen the shape of a huge man flitting through the trees...

A return many years later as an adult in a quest to capture tangible evidence of the creatures existence.

This is my tale."

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Strange Tales videos gets a new host...

Rutger Heartly will be taking over as the new host of Strange Tales for a while.

I am in the middle of the filming the first five episodes now.

Got to keep busy!

Here is a pic of Ruger Heartly and his assistant William about to tackle a mysterious haunted house...

Art Alive (Poetry in Motion)

Art flows through us all - open your eyes, and your heart - see it - know it... let it flow.

Watch and you will see...

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

New Book: The Waster

Formerly Invisible World

A book I have been quietly writing for about two years.

The Waster is a story about a weird loner, living in an apartment block in a blasted future world.

Leaving the apartment block is prohibited.  The wasteland beyond is dangerous, full of traps and brimming with armed gangs.

But one day our main character is handed a very fine gift - an invisible coat!  Once it is worn nothing can see you...

Now its time to explore the wide world beyond...

 The Waster Book

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Crows Eye

Crows Eye is finished - thought its missing a sound effect (the scene where the violent police soldiers hits the main character with a pole should have a punch sound...  I will add it sometime).  This is a dark art movie - I wanted to create a painting that moved and told stories to the viewer.  This film is different from the others I have made so far because i created all the backgrounds - the sky scenes were hand drawn.  I can't imagine a lot of people will this film, let alone enjoy it, but I don't make movies to please the crowds - I write and bring to life what is in my soul.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My next project...Crows Eye

Crows Eye

My next project

King Bong!!!

Our next strange Tale...

King Bong!

Legend of the Shaggy Beast!!!

King Bong!  Let's all do the King Bong song (I meant to sing it of course - but never quite got round to it... alas for me!   So here we go, the King Bong song:   "And he is called King Bong!   Bing a ling Ding Bing Bang Bong, Ding Dang Bong, Bing Bong King a Bong gone Long, Bing Bong King Bong Ning Nong Bing Bong - Bing Bong, Big Bong, King Bong!!!!" OOOOOOOOOOooooooooo how refreshing it was to sing that hahaha!!!!!!

"...Its a war zone out there!"

See the Positive in depression!

Yes, I know.  In reality there are NO positives in depression.  I understand this, of course.  BUT here's a little poem anyway that might take you to another world - and hopefully make the darkness a little less dark.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Cat...

In this new strange tale the hapless story teller is followed through the streets by a shadowy cat who has mysterious intentions...

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Charitable Animal with Mr McPicky and the Queen

Mr McPicky accepts an invitation to lunch from a very generous stranger - how wonderful - anything to get off the streets!

But the cheeky rascal decides to bring one or two friends along with him -

What a cad - bless him!

O yes and the queen turned up for tea as well!

Who would've thought?

What a thing!

I must write it down in my diary - O know!  It's been stolen!  Give me my diary back Mr Picky!!!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Why I make videos... Some words from a struggling author

I'VE always had lots of ideas, lots of visions - this way of thinking has been with me my whole life - but most creative people will likely say this same thing.

Most of my stories appear in my mind out of nowhere, others are formed from pieces of dreams I still remember.

I write for the love of it.  There is nothing better than finishing a story - even if it is only half a page long.

It feels me with euphoria to to complete a tale.

Whether other people like the stories or not doesn't really bother me, and I speak truly here - I write for myself.  I put the work out there to share it with the community - if anyone is interested then that is wonderful.  If people get some pleasure out of the work I couldn't ask for more, if they don't then that is fine as well!

I can't keep my ideas bottled up I have to get them out.

I used to send my work to publishers in the past.  I lot of writers will probably have the same story to tell you - post scripts to publishers - wait a few weeks, to receive nothing but rejection, rejection, REJECTION.

"We don't publish unsolicited work!" -  I used to read this all the time.

The emergent electronic form of self publishing is a wonderful way of getting any piece of written work out there - it's then up to you to sell it.

One way I thought of advertising my work was to make videos.

And so my video making journey began...

I made a few short videos of my reading pieces of my book - I read some of the Legend of Rudwin, and I think a chapter of "Where do the Dreams Go?"

A friend and I tried to record a reading in a park - even though we were interrupted a few times by nosy onlookers, it was great fun.

I won't lie, I soon discovered that it gave me a lot of pleasure going around with a camera recording scenery, and things - then piecing it together to tell a story - AND that was really how it started.  I found that through video I was able to tell stories, NO - I mean - SHOW stories, and this was a new and thrilling thing to me.

I have been writing stories on a computer since 97 - with the sincerest attempt at becoming a writer professionally - and with many books behind me I have to admit I have had NO real success in the field. No one has taken the work seriously.  NO publishers are interested in the work.  I understand, - its a large and cluttered business, so, you know, its hard to get into.  That's fair enough and I do accept this,
  When I eventually self published books on kindle I created some adverts, but its extremely hard work trying to spread the word on forums.  You have to be careful, tread on eggshells - hint at your book but never talk about it directly because my word!  I tell you! the moment anyone on a forum thinks you are talking about your own work you get accused of self promotion and hated into oblivion.  Honestly, it's really difficult business and after - I don't know, ten years of it, I felt like I was hitting my  head against a brick wall.  I think the last straw came when a friend of mine mentioned my book as a recommendation in a book reading forum and someone accused him of being me in a fabricated account - self promoting his own work...   I think that was when I decided I had had enough.

I hold my hands up and tell you, the writing industry had defeated me.  I withdrew from it.  It takes a lot of guts sticking to the writers forums on the internet, keeping your head above the waves of volatile's, and I say with no exaggeration its tough - and I admire anyone who holds their ground and finds success in that industry - I really do!

As for myself I am not tough enough for it, so I gracefully bow out.

Having been defeated by the writing world I found a lot of comfort from making videos.  Like I mentioned before, I found this way of telling stories by piecing together bits of visual media to be quite exciting.  It's a fresh new way of story telling for me.

I have made videos in drama school, back in 97, nothing more than bitty amateur movies - but my new passion for video making kindled in 2013.  About 2014 I had made the Without Death Movie and had uploaded it to the internet.

I made a few more movies after that.  All of the movies had a seed in a half written book I had abandoned from way back when...

The Time Line Disaster movie was based on a short story called Death Machine.  As a story I just couldn't finish Death Machine properly.  It just didn't work as a book!

But as a video I think it work out quite well.

Then there was "Through the Mirror."

Again, this was another book of mine where I was stuck on my feet with writers block.  Honestly, I was knocking my head against invisible walls with this one.  My head couldn't find the words and my hands couldn't find the keys!  I had no idea where to go with it.  Then I thought, why not turn it into a video?  And so that was what I did, and it was done, and the video got made, and "Through the Mirror" was finally completed.

And then there were the cartoons (or...comics - I don't know either one will do).  I have always had a bit of zany, wacky sense of humour; if you read my books, Where do the Dreams Go? or Aradas - you will quickly understand me.

I made a series of cartoons starring an owl called Martin and I understand that these cartoons can be dark - and cover controversial subjects, but the idea behind this was to create something that stood out and got a reaction.  It's dangerous business stepping into that toxic pool - but sometimes it's the only way to get your work noticed.  You have to take a risk every now and then and talk about something that's off limits every once and a while to get people to turn their heads in your direction.


So after all that what does the future hold?

Maybe this whole well of video making I have just dug up will dry out in time - could just be a fad, a passing faze.  A distraction from the writers block I have been suffering from for the last few years since finishing my last book "The Pits."

There is no doubt I will go back to writing books again - it's in my blood - it's my life and what I am all about -

But I am enjoining making the videos, its my passion at the moment, and I will continue to produce these things until I hear the calling again, returning me to the pages of the written work.

I will leave it at that for now.

Best wishes all readers

Sean Wadley

Monday, 27 February 2017

Hated Guests 2nd cut

This is the second and hopefully final cut of Hated Guests.  It's great to finally finish that old project - maybe I will add new scenes one day - but this is how the movie shall stand for now.

Hopefully now I can move on to new projects!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hated Guests 2nd Cut in the works...

Been working like crazy!  Filmed a few new scenes - but Hated Guests 2nd cut is on its way.

I have added a few more animations, and some more scenes to help give the story a better flow -

                               THE PLAYERS

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hated Guests first cut

This is the first cut of Hated Guests.  I might change some things later - might even add a few scenes - but this is how the movie looks for now.

The Guests

A profile of the players in the Hated Guests movie.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Updates & "Hated Guests" in the works

It appears that there has been a pause in productions - but it is only temporary.  I mean to continue work with the cartoons - and also maybe start some comedy sketches - but for the last few months, since October, my time has been consumed by Dr Tom's shop if madness, and my real job of course...  I work awkward shifts and that eats up a lot of my time and energy, sadly.
  So it's slow going.
  I started filming Dr T in July, abandoned the movie because I didn't think it could be done - then I returned to it in October determined to finish the project and it was done come January.  As soon as I had finished Dr T I moved onto my next project.

Hated Guests...

I had come up with the idea for Hated Guests back in 1997 for our drama class.  I wanted it to write about a murder mystery and turn it into an exciting play where each actor would portray one of the guests staying the night at a creepy mansion house.
  A friend of mine owned one of these old VHS camera recorders, a great bulky thing, how lucky we are to have it all digital these days!  We had already made on short movie together, and I said the next thing we were going to make was my new play, Hated Guests - though back then it was called "The Game."
  My friend let me down in the end and the play never became anything more than a script, floating around inside my locker.
  For a great deal of time nothing happened - but I never forgot Hated Guests.  I always wanted to write that story about a mysterious haunted mansion...
  So the idea swam around in my mind, for all those years.  The story changed quite a bit.  It was always going to be about a mansion, some guests, and murder - a type of cluedo as it were.  That idea never changed.
  It wasn't until recently, 2016 I think, when I had finally written a decent story line for my murder mystery and I felt the time had come for Hated Guests to be brought to life.  I changed the title by that time, because I had used the original title "The Game" for another video I had created at the same time.
  We were going to shoot all the scenes for Hated Guests in a 'real' house, but sadly that fell through, and Hated Guests was put on hiatus once more - and then at the turn of 2017 "bingo!"   One bright and crisp winter day a new idea for the story struck me like lightning!
  We could make the whole film against a green screen and use a digital 3D mansion as a setting for all the action!
  All the scenes have been shot for Hated Guests.  I am very passionate about this new movie.  I will describe my reasons in another post - but I want to make the movie first.  I am in the process of editing the thing right now - I just need to film a few "filler" scenes.  I have worked really hard to bring this particular piece of work to life.  I will place some pictures below to show the guests and the mansion.  Hopeful the work will be finished before the month is out - fingers crossed and all that.  This project has been with me for a very long time and I need to get it done.
  I would just like to give a very big THANK YOU to my actors - Clive Wadley and John Langley for taking part in my project and helping me bring my vision to life!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Dr Tom's Psycho shop of Madness !!!

This is a movie I created all about an insane monstrous Doctor and his patient, Rex, a crazy chainsaw wielding clown...

Rex the Clown has been locked up in Gloormound Asylum for mentally unstable, where he is forced to share a room with crazies.  His mind starts to crumble, when he starts to have visions of the past, and when the Doctor employs his new form of therapy, which involves mental torment and physical violence, Rex snaps and takes revenge on those who wronged him.

This is a film ostensibly about madness:  seen through the eyes of Rex, is the story that unfolds real - or just part of his delusional mind?

My other work -