Monday, 27 February 2017

Hated Guests 2nd cut

This is the second and hopefully final cut of Hated Guests.  It's great to finally finish that old project - maybe I will add new scenes one day - but this is how the movie shall stand for now.

Hopefully now I can move on to new projects!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hated Guests 2nd Cut in the works...

Been working like crazy!  Filmed a few new scenes - but Hated Guests 2nd cut is on its way.

I have added a few more animations, and some more scenes to help give the story a better flow -

                               THE PLAYERS

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hated Guests first cut

This is the first cut of Hated Guests.  I might change some things later - might even add a few scenes - but this is how the movie looks for now.

The Guests

A profile of the players in the Hated Guests movie.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Updates & "Hated Guests" in the works

It appears that there has been a pause in productions - but it is only temporary.  I mean to continue work with the cartoons - and also maybe start some comedy sketches - but for the last few months, since October, my time has been consumed by Dr Tom's shop if madness, and my real job of course...  I work awkward shifts and that eats up a lot of my time and energy, sadly.
  So it's slow going.
  I started filming Dr T in July, abandoned the movie because I didn't think it could be done - then I returned to it in October determined to finish the project and it was done come January.  As soon as I had finished Dr T I moved onto my next project.

Hated Guests...

I had come up with the idea for Hated Guests back in 1997 for our drama class.  I wanted it to write about a murder mystery and turn it into an exciting play where each actor would portray one of the guests staying the night at a creepy mansion house.
  A friend of mine owned one of these old VHS camera recorders, a great bulky thing, how lucky we are to have it all digital these days!  We had already made on short movie together, and I said the next thing we were going to make was my new play, Hated Guests - though back then it was called "The Game."
  My friend let me down in the end and the play never became anything more than a script, floating around inside my locker.
  For a great deal of time nothing happened - but I never forgot Hated Guests.  I always wanted to write that story about a mysterious haunted mansion...
  So the idea swam around in my mind, for all those years.  The story changed quite a bit.  It was always going to be about a mansion, some guests, and murder - a type of cluedo as it were.  That idea never changed.
  It wasn't until recently, 2016 I think, when I had finally written a decent story line for my murder mystery and I felt the time had come for Hated Guests to be brought to life.  I changed the title by that time, because I had used the original title "The Game" for another video I had created at the same time.
  We were going to shoot all the scenes for Hated Guests in a 'real' house, but sadly that fell through, and Hated Guests was put on hiatus once more - and then at the turn of 2017 "bingo!"   One bright and crisp winter day a new idea for the story struck me like lightning!
  We could make the whole film against a green screen and use a digital 3D mansion as a setting for all the action!
  All the scenes have been shot for Hated Guests.  I am very passionate about this new movie.  I will describe my reasons in another post - but I want to make the movie first.  I am in the process of editing the thing right now - I just need to film a few "filler" scenes.  I have worked really hard to bring this particular piece of work to life.  I will place some pictures below to show the guests and the mansion.  Hopeful the work will be finished before the month is out - fingers crossed and all that.  This project has been with me for a very long time and I need to get it done.
  I would just like to give a very big THANK YOU to my actors - Clive Wadley and John Langley for taking part in my project and helping me bring my vision to life!