Wednesday, 21 June 2017

New Book: The Waster

Formerly Invisible World

A book I have been quietly writing for about two years.

The Waster is a story about a weird loner, living in an apartment block in a blasted future world.

Leaving the apartment block is prohibited.  The wasteland beyond is dangerous, full of traps and brimming with armed gangs.

But one day our main character is handed a very fine gift - an invisible coat!  Once it is worn nothing can see you...

Now its time to explore the wide world beyond...

 The Waster Book

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Crows Eye

Crows Eye is finished - thought its missing a sound effect (the scene where the violent police soldiers hits the main character with a pole should have a punch sound...  I will add it sometime).  This is a dark art movie - I wanted to create a painting that moved and told stories to the viewer.  This film is different from the others I have made so far because i created all the backgrounds - the sky scenes were hand drawn.  I can't imagine a lot of people will this film, let alone enjoy it, but I don't make movies to please the crowds - I write and bring to life what is in my soul.