Friday, 16 September 2016

I have made some new friends ...

I turned a corner, I was very close to my destination and didn't think anything about the shadowy figure that was following me.  "Not far to go!  Not far to go!"

Then I felt a strong hand grab my shoulder hold it tightly, cutting the circulation of the blood.

I fell to the ground.

When I awoke I was lying in a dark room.

A loud voice that came from all directions so as to fill the room completely said to me, "You do not know yourself, or your luck, or how happy you will be in the next few hours!"

"I...I   don't understand," said I.

Then I heard laughter.  The room reverbeerated with it.

The darkness grinned with it.

And then I felt a terrible chill.

"You have made some new friends..." said the voice, ominously alluding to something dark and terrible -

And then the lights turned on

and then I saw this -


Monday, 5 September 2016

Sir Woodwick - Dragon Slayer...

Follow the adventures of the clumsy knight, Sir Woodwick, as he sets out to slay a dragon, and ends up being stuck in a tree!!!