Sunday, 7 February 2016

Without Death - now with a new cover...

Same story but with a new better cover

Without Death

 Without Death

This is the dark story of Clyde Raytheon, an ambitious scientist unwittingly drawn into the depths of a forbidden science.

An amazing discovery has just been made! A serum concocted from the remains of a mysterious and still unrecorded animal which, when applied to the tissue of a random subject, has the ability to halt the ageing process in all living things and put an end to death altogether!

Armed with only a slight understanding of the fantastic properties of this mysterious serum, Clyde joins forces with his colleague - the mad scientist Ivan Gustav, and together they take refuge in the shadows of an abandoned hospital to try and complete the work. But their quest to accomplish this amazing goal ends disastrously…

Murdles Leer was a very quiet village before Ivan came. Now dull lights flicker from the laboratory windows of the abandoned hospital. People go missing for no reason. Graves are found dug up and empty. Now everyone knows to bolt their doors at sundown, and blank out the windows. The air is full of ghostly whispers, and ominous shadows stalk the hills at night. The dead are stirred and they want their revenge in blood…

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