Sunday, 7 February 2016

Without Death Movie...

This is an amateur film that I made in my spare time - I really enjoy acting and love making videos and well the result was this - Without Death the movie.

Apart from the names of the characters it doesn't follow the story at all - as the movie progressed it became its own story.

It started like this -

I wanted to write a short story called Man with a Pale face - a murder mystery thriller about a masked killer - and you know...  I just couldn't write it.  I couldn't find the words.  My frustration boiled over and I just forgot about it.  The one night it struck me - it wouldn't work as a book - the idea won't stand up in literary form - BUT - maybe visually, as a video - yes that's it!  I will make a video of it and tell the story that way.

And so that's what I did. 

It started as a series of short scenes - nothing great.  The scenes I filmed didn't make sense, not by themselves.  I came close to ditching the idea when I thought this: "How about tying a narrative to it?"  Maybe then the picture would make sense?

So that's what I did.

How about we make a feature film?  Ambitious, I know, but something new and I took the task on with alacrity. 

It was a giant experiment.

I was going to call the feature, Without Death, taking the name from the book, of course.  I dug up the old characters, dusted them off, and reinvented them for the film.  Ivan, in the book, was a pensive, manipulative character - in the movie he is a psychotic dictator lunatic.  His assistant, Clyde, the young and ambitious scientist of the book was now an old, washed out Doctor praying for retirement. 

The theme of the book is there, "meddle with science and it might backfire!"  But I needed to make a new story to slice in "Man with Pale face." 

Without Death the movie was not so much a story of dark science going wrong - like the book it used for inspiration - but a story of isolation, leading to depression, leading to madness.  Each character in the movie represents a state of the human psyche. 

Pale face - who comes and goes throughout the picture - represents total madness.  The other characters represent the journey to that particular state.

Ivan is totally mad - he's "lost the plot" as it were.

But Clyde?  he's normal for now, but he might lose his way if he's not careful - he needs to get out, to escape, find a new life.  Nobody wants to end up like Pale face. 

And why the Pale face?

It's a metaphor. 

When you reach that horrid state you lose all humanity - you become an entity, a thing - you have no face...

So here's the film:

Remember it's amateur - not a lot of money, no, but a heck of a lot of passion!



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