Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Pits

What would you do if you found in your possession the clothes, passport, and credit card of one of the worlds most famous authors? What would you do if you had just found the abandoned mansion house of the said author - and everything that they had was now yours?

Maybe it would be nice to see what life was like for the other half?

I mean - what could go wrong? Nothing! What's the chance that the most famous author in the world could be part of a crazy cult - or have a whole string of enemies out for their blood? No way! That would be stupid.


Well, just ask Simian - this is his story... And what a tale he has to tell

THE PITS is a zany crazy trip into the mad world of Simian Farquah - full of incredible characters, stupid situations, and bizarre adventures in a world where pretty much anything can happen!

WARNING this book is full of craziness - so be prepared for anything..

 The Pits

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