Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Legend of Rudwin - in detail


Tinkering with the website.  

There will come a time when I will place my thoughts here.  I will also place updates on future work.

You're probably looking at the Legend of Rudwin right now and thinking, Good Grief!  Not another fantasy tale!!

But don't worry.  It's not part of any glorious never ending series.  You have my as-surety I am
 moving onto something fresh next.  The Legend of Rudwin is an old tale...  I felt the need to get it out of my literary system before moving on to something new.

Let me elaborate on the blurb...

What is the book about?  I suppose Rudwin is quite a brave fellow, really, or perhaps stupid in a naive way.  He wants to see what lies over the hills, as it were, check the next horizon!  A daydreaming would-be traveller.  

His best friend is a humerus chap, who I am very fond of, called Hobbleweed.  Hobbleweed!  Ha!  What a fine fellow he is.  A strange old fellow, and a beer drinker to boot.  A six foot shaggy man, unkempt and roughly clad - he looks like a scarecrow, and has a diet for mud, apparently.  Now Rudwin and Hobbleweed enter into a keen friendship, and their friendship would hold fast a very long time.  

And they would set out together, into adventure.  

Our fine heroes live on an invented plain which, at the moment, is called Ethentua.  Where is Ethentua, you ask?  Now that is a good question.  Is it Earth, long ago?  Is it Earth in another dimension?  Or, is it just another dimension?  TO be honest with you I still haven't thought this one out, and even now I am still considering it.  

Now Ethentua, its history, its geography, is well thought out.  It's not a random world I dreamed u

p in a few days and thought, "This will do."  However, the Legend of Rudwin only ever alludes to the history and the places that inhabit this land.  The driving focus of the story is the adventure.

For it is an adventure book at its heart.  

Eventually Rudwin and Hobbleweed join forces with several trained renegades, Their job is to find the Staff of Necramor, which is lost in the marshes of Grogos, and guarded by a vile beast whose description I will leave to the contents of the story.  
But finding the Staff is only the start of it...

Then they must travel to the Island of Ruin, an interesting place, and the home of a certain famous dragon, Mezuse Vordrox.  They have to get under, or by him, in some way, to place the Staff into the Sacred Vault, to lock it away forever.  

The quest isn't as simple as say = go there and do that...   There is a betrayal, and other things - twists and the sort.  But I must be careful what I write.  I want to leave the bulk of the information in the book itself - I really don't want to give too much of the story away here.

I will probably create a character profile one day - to give a closer insight into some of the principle characters.

The book does not have a glossary.  I think glossaries are pointless and take away the magic of the story.  I know fantasy worlds need structure... but there's nothing wrong with a bit of mystery as well.

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